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Why should you deal with bats?

Bats are another very common type of pests in Ottawa and spotting them anywhere in or around your home signals the need to hire pest control Ottawa services.
Dealing with bats in and around your Ottawa home is crucial for several important reasons. While bats are beneficial creatures that help control insect populations, their presence in residential areas can lead to potential problems. Bats can roost in attics, crawl spaces, and other secluded areas, leaving behind guano (bat droppings) that can cause health hazards, such as respiratory issues. By addressing bat infestations promptly and ensuring their removal is done safely and humanely, you protect your property from damage, safeguard your health, and create a secure and comfortable living environment in Ottawa.

A comprehensive, personalized and safe approach


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Step 1: Personalized Inspection and Assessment

Like all our pest control Ottawa services, our service begins with a detailed inspection of your property to assess the scope and nature of the bat infestation. Given the unique characteristics of each bat problem, this initial step allows us to understand the severity and specifics of your situation, enabling us to craft a customized solution.

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Step 2: Customized Quotation

Acknowledging the variable nature of bat infestations, we offer personalized quotes post-inspection. Our pricing reflects the intricacies of your specific bat problem, ranging from minor interventions to more extensive, ongoing control programs. This approach ensures you receive a tailored service that addresses your needs effectively.

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Step 3: Implementation of Bat Control and Removal

Depending on the assessment's outcome, we may implement a one-time bat removal treatment or an extended control program to remove and deter bats from your property. Our methods focus on humane and effective solutions, including exclusion techniques that allow bats to leave safely without re-entering. For situations requiring longer-term strategies, we devise a program that spans weeks to months, ensuring all facets of the infestation are addressed.

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Step 4: Follow-Up and Long-Term Assurance

Post-treatment, Wayne's Pest Extermination commits to a follow-up protocol to confirm the effectiveness of our bat control efforts. This step may include a re-inspection to ensure that bats have not returned and that your property remains secure. Our goal is to provide lasting peace of mind, ensuring the safety and bat-free status of your property. You can also check out our informative blogs that explore a variety of topics around pests to educate yourself more about them.

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Trusted, reliable and effective


Choosing Ottawa Pest Control in Ottawa for your bat removal Ottawa needs is the best decision for a humane and effective solution. Our experienced technicians are trained in safe and responsible bat removal practices, ensuring the well-being of these protected wildlife species. With a thorough inspection, we tailor a customized eviction plan, utilizing one-way exclusion devices to allow bats to leave without harm. Our team closely monitors the process to ensure all bats have safely departed your property. With a focus on sealing entry points and providing prevention strategies, we secure your home against future bat infestations. Ottawa Pest Control's commitment to responsible bat eviction ensures a harmonious coexistence with local wildlife while safeguarding your property and family in Ottawa.

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